Battle Station Peripherals is a fictional blog developed by Cordell Conner to show his web skills. Bloggers and information were fabricated.


Prepare your office work station


Fixing your Battle Station Work Space!

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Nick Landers here! This blog is where I write about peripherals and equipment to use with your computer. A “Battle Station” is what I would call someone’s computer work space.

Someone’s work space, much like their house, or their music collection, or their personality, is a kind of expression about them. It shows the way they would build a world that they’d want to work in, or play in. A battle station can be orderly or messy, and it all depends on the person. Some people like to have little knick-knacks to express themselves or to have photos of family and friends. Anything someone does to their battle station affects how they work and shows it.

My blog is going to review products that typically go into battle stations so that readers can have the best setup. I’m also going to post tips on how to have an orderly battle station with a set up that can make one more productive. Pay attention to your desk and think if you’re using your computer comfortably or the way you need to.

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Battle Station Peripherals features a day and night theme. Browsing online can happen during any time, and changing your peripheral lighting is important. Looking at screens that are too dark in the day, or too bright at night can strain your eyes.


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