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Portfolio of a Web Enthusiast

Hello world!

I am Cordell Conner, a web project developer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This website will showcase past projects of mine that represent my web design and development skills. I have a special affinity for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, though I enjoy backend languages like PHP and MySQL, too.

My web career started when I was a sophomore in high school. I attended a career and technology school for web design. I excelled in classes dealing with media and websites, so I decided to attend Pittsburgh Technical College to earn an Associate in Science Degree in Multimedia Technologies. My courses concentrated in Web Design and Development, and I created many projects using markup and scripting languages, and gained experience with scrum team development, code editors, WordPress, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I can design a site and implement it with full functionality and interactivity. I love learning new technology and tackling new challenges. Once I begin a project, I put in all the hours it takes to finish the job right!

Collage of several sites made by Cordell Conner